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Normally, considered a small wave addition to a quiver, the Long Gun breaks the status quo by being designed purely for solid waves, bigger wave surfers and competitive longboarders have enjoyed the solid underfoot feel the Long Gun offers.

The very nature of competition means, one day you could be surfing knee high waves on the Hangman, yet the very next day have no choice but to paddle in, to 10 or 12 foot surf on a Longboard.

The Long Gun is packed with features that give everyone a feeling of total confidence in solid surf.


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Available Sizes:

9′ 2″ x 16 ⅞ x 22 x 13 ⅜ x 2 ¾ @ 59.6L |
(Length x Nose Width @12″ x Width x Tail Width @12″ x Thickness @ Volume Litres)

Any other sizes are possible upon request.

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9′ 2″ x 16 ⅞ x 22 x 13 ⅜ x 2 ¾ @ 59.6L,

5.00 out of 5

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  1. 5 out of 5



    This board is for the more serious bigger wave days!
    Being the narrowest longboard out of all the Sunova Longboard models it really is a big wave gun. I use this board in powerful waves that are 5 or 6ft upwards, and I have ridden it in solid 8 to 10ft Yallingup.

    In my location I find this board performs exceptionally well in big Yallingup, Injidup Carpark and Three Bears waves.

    I’m just amazed with the power you can drive out of this board, and being narrow you can pull off unreal manoeuvres without the fear of digging the rail, and of course you can still nose ride on a big wave.

    With the strength Sunova Surfboards have the Long Gun will stand up to the power of large waves a hell of a lot more than its competitors



    Best Fin Set Up: The best fin set up for this board is the PG7 tail fin with PG5 side fins, the 7 in the tail will allow the board to hang in there in large waves.

    If you have never ridden a Sunova Surfboard before,your first surf will just blow you away with the speed and manoeuvres that you can suddenly do. I have heard many people say that they can do things on a Sunova that they never would have dreamt of doing on other surfboards.
    I strongly believe that you need to have a few surfs on these boards before you will really appreciate them and believe me the more and more you surf these boards your surfing will just improve remarkably out of site.With the construction of Sunova Surfboard’s having a balsa bottom skin, once you learn how to use the flex of the board and get the magic twang you will get so much drive out of your bottom turns and be able to get around foam sections of the wave from way back behind the pocket.

    You have to feel the experience for yourselves.. You won’t regret it, you’ll just wish you’d made the decision earlier!!!
    Brett Merifield – 2009 West Australian Over 40’s & Over 45’s State Champion.

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