Sunova SUP
  Welcome to the Sunova SUP line up …
Like all the surfboard styles Sunova has, we ride, test and refine what we make.. With over 30 years of surfboard design and construction behind us, it was inevitable that we use our knowledge and understanding of how a surfboard functions on a wave and apply it to SUP… While it may seem like we only recently stepped into the SUP arena, the truth is, no Sunova model is released without thorough testing and feedback.
We started out in 2008. Some of our competitive longboard team riders started to ask for SUPs, as SUP competitions were now being run alongside existing surfing competitions. Over the years, we continued to develop custom shapes for a variety of applications. In 2012, a range of SUPs had emerged, and the confidence in our design range was there.
That same year we introduced a new technology, that solved many of the current issues with SUPs, as well as created a lighter, stronger board. And the year after went straight on to use as much of the proven tech from the surfboards to our SUPs. Thus leaving us with 2 main Techs. Sunova is well known for pioneering composite technology, and applying our knowledge lead us to:
EcoTec - a BAMBOO sandwich technology with a super reinforced rail for getting you going.
XXXTec - full BALSA sandwich, carbon rail. the lightest and strongest board you will find on the market.
Our goal was to create board that are stronger in areas where current market boards are weak (mainly the rail, due to the constant pounding of the paddle), while at the same time lighter, to make it more fun to ride and even carry.
We decided to completely refuse to use paint (which can be up to 2kg of weight in regular boards) - letting the material become the graphic. All the craftsmanship is clearly visible with nothing to hide under paint or filler…
The result are simple, clean and pure looking boards, lighter and stronger. Better performing than the rest.
Add the shaper genius of Bert Burger (shaper of the Year 2007) to this and you get some of the best SUPs on the market.
Sunova SUPs - Lighter , Stronger, Better