Sunova High Performance Shortboards

Rider Specific Surfboards:

To get the most from your surfing it is very important that your surfboard is matched to your body weight, surfing style, ability and preferred wave type. Each location for surfing is different and some curves will work great in some waves and not in others. Therefore, we have set up this website to help you find a surfboard that fits your unique needs.

Each Surfboard model page provides:

• Surfboard dimensions, volume and recommended fins.
• The optimum wave types that each model is designed for.
• The most suited types of specialist maneuvers.
• Our weight/skill chart to help you select a surfboard model that suits your size and ability level.

We feel that the shape of the surfboard should stay consistent regardless of whether it is designed for a small guy or a big guy.

We have proportionally scaled each model and matched them to specific riders’ weights, so whether you are 100lb or 250lb, each surfboard will have the same feel and performance, in the same wave types. The Sunova Shortboard range has evolved over the last 20 years.  As we learn more, we refine, test, then modify. Surfboard models like the Pro Shortboard have undergone many subtle tweaks over the last two decades, yet still maintains its original design function and look.

Other models have come and gone, because more refined versions start to become different surfboards with characteristics that deserve a new name.

Every Sunova model has its own unique code, which means if our range changes and your favourite board is not in next year’s lineup, then your unique model code allows us to reproduce that magic surfboard if you want it again.

Enjoy this year’s offerings of Sunova’s high performance shortboard surfboards…

Bert Burger