The Sunova Longboard story started back in the 70s. At that time, the longboard was considered an out-of-date design, and many were being scrapped or forgotten about. Like so many surf families at the time, we always had a collection of longboards sat under the house so I always had the option of a longboard when the conditions were right. As a result, having a longboard in the quiverwas just taken for granted. Over the years, I have continued to shape and ride longboards as well as shortboards. I am now very excited about the performance and strength benefits inherent in Sunova’s unique longboard construction technology. 

Two distinct influences have shaped the Sunova Surfboards 2011 Longboard

Range: The re-emergence of competitive longboarding in the 1990’s, and the practical needs of regular surfers who need a board in their quiver suitable for all conditions.

As a young surfer, a Longboard was the perfect choice, for small, fat waves, fast down-the-line reelers, or those really special days when you just wanted to cruise. As competitive Longboarding became more popular in the 1990’s, a new school developed.

Today, competitive Longboarding criteria reflects the trend in free surfing: Longboards are now being ridden in an explosive, radical manner, whilst retaining the graceful, “old-school” moves such as hanging five, “walking” the board, and drop-knee cutbacks. With the development of composite technology, have come the massive benefits of lighter, stronger Longboards. Consequently, maneuvers formerly only ever seen on Shortboards are now being performed on Longboards.

Former Australian National Longboard Champion, Justin Redman, one of Sunova’s standout team riders, was one of the first guys in the world to start doing aerial 360’s and air reverses on a Longboard, yet still gracefully stepping to the nose for Hangtime on the same wave, on the same board. Whether you are looking to slow down a cog or two, make the smaller days fun again, or simply want to add a new dimension to your short-board style, we have a Longboard for you.

Rediscover your flow on a Sunova Longboard.

Bert Burger