Sunova Gun Range The most serious piece of surfing arsenal in your quiver. Credit goes out to all individuals who pushed the boundaries of bigger wave surfing, to help create the Sunova Gun Range. The most inspiration came from ‘Booma’, or as I knew him growing up, “Uncle John”. A true big wave pioneer, taking on storm size maxed out Margrets in the 1960’s armed with only his Single Fin Gun a pair of Speedos. Some of these big wave ventures before I was born, but watching our family’s Super 8 movies of huge wave surfing which I missed out on. Then spending my childhood hugging windy headlands while watching my uncles take on huge waves, in then unknown Western Australia. A legacy taken on with gratitude. For decades Sunova and its customers have been pushing the limits on our Guns throughout Australia and Indonesia. Places with some of the most challenging big waves in the world. This is our backyard. Enjoy the Sunova Gun Line-Up!! Regards Bert Burger