sunova-surfboards-bert-burger-introBert Burger  Sunova Surfboards, Creator of the Parabolic Rail, innovator, designer and shaper:


A brief introduction to the man behind the creation of the parabolic rail, as well as Firewire’s technology and surfboard design. Bert Burger, originating out of Mandurah Western Australia, has been designing, innovating and building sandwich construction and vacuum bagged surfboards for over 23 years.


The surf is always up along Bert’s home turf of the 12,000 km coastline of Western Australia, and so it is rightly famous for its quality and variety of surf, and the perfect testing ground for Bert and his Sunova surfboards. Plenty of reefs, beaches and point breaks – take your pick.


Bert is a likable guy who is in tune with both the older and younger surfers. A surfer and a shaper as well as an innovator, having pioneered or created a lot of the standard industry techniques in surfboard production these days. His philosophy has always been to have the best quality each surfboard can be.


One of Bert’s and Sunova’s biggest challenges is educating surfers that the Sunova ride of surfboards will give them much more enjoyment from their surfing, and they will feel like their ability has improved straight away.

But maybe the main challenge facing Sunova though is educating the public to understand that a Sunova board is much more durable than the PU surfboards that they have ridden all their lives. That paying $600 per board, every 6 months or every year, is in fact more expensive than the investment in a $1,000 Sunova board, which will last them 10 years or more if looked after.


Ride a Sunova surfboard, and feel the difference…


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